Lena JO is a woman full of energy and creativity. A creativity which she tirelessly uses when helping others awakening their dreams and finding their calling in life.

She is a constant learner in many different areas of life. She is a Physiotherapist, Family counselor, Pastor, Teacher, Business owner, a Direct selling distributor for Zinzino, a Certified John Maxwell coach and speaker and is, at the time of writing, the first and only Gender Intelligence Life and Business Mars Venus coach in Sweden. She is also active as a counselor and intercessor at the healing retreats with Ellel ministry Sweden.

She is a co-author of many devotional books and the upcoming book ”Love & Coaching” written together with John Gray and other Mars Venus coaches. She is also author of the upcoming book ”Women with LifePower - How to achieve the life of your dreams without sacrificing your values”. It is a personality development book, mixed with interviews of Sweden´s most successful female leaders in different direct-selling companies. The life stories, together with the teaching that Lena has given all over the world, from Sweden to Kenya, on how to achieve a PowerLife with purpose, is a must in your toolbox, for finding and stand firm in your calling and purpose. She has a genuin heart and passion for helping people reach their fullest potential in all areas of life and live the life of their dreams. 

Lena is also an artist whose LifePower paintings are known as life affirming and colorful.

For over thirty years Lena has empowered people in crises and in different ways helped them through and supported them on the path to another way of living, another way of physical, as well as mental and relational health and another way of being a person of faith.

Lena started out as a physiotherapist for traumatic brain injured people, but after a car crash her life took another direction and she became an educated pastor and turned into faith based Life Power coaching She is an appreciated speaker at family camps and the founder of her company ”The LifePower Institute” and the organisation ”Daughter to the King” a network where women can find and grow in their special calling in life.

Lena JO is a dedicated family keeper. The family is the most important in her life and she has been happily married to her supporting husband Sven for over 30 years. But most of all, she is a really proud mum to their three children Josef, Sofie and Lukas which they have raised to become exceptional individuals that follow their own dreams.