As a creation in the image of a creative God, we too are creative. we just have to find our personal way to express ourself.

For me watercolor painting is a way to do it. My joy, my pain, my dreams, everything spreads out on the paper with every brush stroke and color combination. It is an art of therapy in it self.

Art helped me find back to the real Lena after a car crash 2003. I had lost myself, but with the colors and the ability to create beautiful artwork and also process things in my life, I found myself again one colorful brush stroke after another.  

Painting is a powerful tool to regain or find your LifePower. It can also be a source for relaxation.  

Why don´t you come with me on a relaxation retreat in the sign of colors, imagination and creativity.  

I am planning to have some painting courses where you can find your self and your creativity with some artist´s guide from me.  

One will be in the beautiful Dalecarlian village Vikarbyn, in the most Swedish part of Sweden. The other will be another exotic place, but plans are just in the creation phase yet.  

Watercolor for me is freedom. Perhaps it will be for you too. Do you want to experience that freedom with me? Join me on one of my courses or creative retreats. Or why just not buy one of my life affirming LifePower paintings shown in the gallery.  

Hope to see you on a journey of imagination and colors with me.

Lena JO

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